Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally, some FUN!!

Sumana enjoyed a week at camp in July, but other than that not fun much has happened this summer. I was tired enough and just not myself so staying at home always sounded good to me.

After an MRI, EEG, sleep study and lots of blood work a friend suggested a trip to the chiropractor. That was the ticket. I had a vertebra pressing on my skull and limiting the flow of cerebral-spinal flow. As soon as my neck was adjusted I had a major head rush and immediately my vision was clear and colors looked bright again. Really strange. But, I'm really thankful. I go back to the chiropractor every couple of weeks for awhile to make sure it's fixed for good.

Sumana got good news from her sleep study. She moved oxygen and CO2 better this year which indicates that her lungs are stronger. She also saw the eye doctor again. Her vision has plateau-ed at 20/50 so that means that she'll start formal vision therapy in September. I'll have to keep you posted on what that entails.

So, back to FUN . . . Sumana and I finally made it to the George Eastman house in Rochester. It was just beautiful! Sumana is very interested in the 1890s to early 1900s . . . Edison, Ford, Eastman, etc, etc. We also visited Sonnenberg in Canandaigua. There was a very impressive art show. We spent most of our time in the mansion and the gardens.

Then, this week we took a trip to the Great New York State Fair! Sumana didn't remember going to the Fair 6 or 7 years ago, so it was truly a new experience for her. We watched the crazy high dive show, attended a circus, watched soap being made, and she ate a corn dog! What more could a girl ask for??

We started homeschooling last week and it's been a real pleasure for both of us. I 'gave in' and purchased hands-on activities that I knew she would enjoy. One of the items is a timeline. I can see already that this will help her place her history and hopefully remember it better.