Friday, May 28, 2010

More Info

I forgot to tell you one other thing Dr. Sanders commented on Wednesday. He said that Sumana's x-ray in the lying position showed that her scoliosis was 'good.' She really looked pretty straight. I forgot my camera . . . AGAIN . . . so I don't have the pics to show you.

Also, I have a pretty good handle on appointments for our summer. It's amazing how similar it looks to last summer. After Sumana's surgery she has her annual sleep study and a post-op visit the same day. About a week later she goes to camp. Then, she has a follow-up sleep study appointment, pulmonary check up, an eye exam and a dental cleaning thrown in for good measure! Whew! And that's just Sumana's appointments! Gretchen has her surgery in mid August and Jade and Gavin have a bunch of appointments, too! Whew! It'll be another busy summer! Thankfully, most appointments are routine check ups and only happen once a year.

We're enjoying having Grampy and Grammy with us. They are so much help around the house and they're so willing to help with transportation it's a real plus to have them around! Grammy said we should have a deli counter for knowing who's turn is next in the bathroom! Other than sharing the bathroom and dancing around each other in the kitchen, it's been fine having extra bodies around! They'll be here til Tuesday so we're cramming in as much fun as we can!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surprising Pre-op Appointment

Hmmmm. I guess that migrated rod broke the rib it was attached to. I guess I thought it had come loose and moved up into another rib, but no . . . it cracked the rib it was attached to. It means both good and bad news. The good news is: the rib has healed well and Dr. Sanders is only going to extend that rod (the one closest to her spine) . . . he's NOT going to replace it. The bad news is: the rib may crack again under the pressure of extending that rod and he may have to reattach the rod to a lower rib.

Dr. Sanders thinks that he can replace just the lower part of the rod farthest from her spine. Again, this is good news because it is less invasive. He doesn't expect to need a chest tube and he's hopeful that Sumana will come off the ventilator well again. All this being said, he is planning on keeping her one night for observation, but makes no promises that she won't be staying longer. I guess I'm hoping it goes like February's surgery and we can even escape the same night. (Wishful thinking . . . but actually, we WANT to stay in the hospital this time so we can hang out with our little friend Giana and her mom. Giana is having VEPTR surgery 4 days before Sumana).

Dr. Sanders was really pleased to hear that Sumana successfully navigated through two colds this year with no complications, (i.e. pneumonia). As he was leaving he said the nicest thing: "There are some people who bring a smile to my face every time I see them and you're one of them!" Does that describe how most people feel after they've been around Sumana??? What a treasure! Now that I'm starting to see more 'teenage attitude' from Sumana, I really have to remember compliments like this. As frustrated as I can be with her sometimes, I want to keep 'it' in perspective with her whole personality.

So, it was a rather unusual pre-op appointment. Dr. Sanders did the entire history and physical (not his resident or NP), and his news was potentially optimistic. I guess I had anticipated an entire re-do of the initial surgery and that will not be the case. Please start praying now that Sumana's body will be strong and healthy for her June 18th surgery.

Speaking of praying, please pray for our 22 month old friend Giana (Sumana's VEPTR buddy). She has had unexplained fevers for something like 6 weeks. We had planned to visit with her before our Dr. Sanders appointment, but she was in for testing today at the hospital. Please pray that the doctors involved in her care will find the cause and treat her promptly. Thank you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gretchen's Party!

Gretchen's belated high school graduation was yesterday at LeTourneau Christian Camp. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! So good, in fact, that a lot of the teens jumped in the lake!!! BRRRRRR!! She had over 80 people join her for food and fun. Sumana enjoyed playing with all the 'little people' that joined their parents and siblings.
Grampy and Grammy came all the way from Northern Maine and cousin Brittany came in from New Hampshire. We've had so much fun! (Even though 11 people in our house is kinda crowded!!!)
Grampy and Grammy will be here for another week, so I'm leaving our days as open as possible. Wednesday is Sumana's pre-op appointment, though. I'm hoping to get Dr. Sanders' opinion on what the hospital stay might be like this time. Since her lungs are so much stronger I'm hoping for a much shorter stay. The only other problem might be the chest tube . . . if she needs one again. They had to keep it in her longer than expected last August. I'll pass along what we find out. Again, the surgery is scheduled for 11 am on Friday, June 18th.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's been a good feedback weekend!

We've gotten lots of good feedback and encouragement this weekend. For starters, one of our special friends from Crosswinds is going to use Sumana's story for a class she's taking. It's rather humbling to think of others sharing Sumana's story. I think it's a pretty cool story, but that OTHER's think that, too???!!!

My group at Sunday School was really encouraging, too. I was bragging on how well our kids accept foster kids and welcome them into their circle of friends. One person said, " well, it's because you've groomed them for it." I thought that was a rather odd thing to say, but with a tweak in the wording, I could agree with it. "GOD has groomed them for this." We started out getting a homestudy through the county because it was free and we needed one to adopt. Then, we felt led to care for babies and preschoolers. NOW, 8 years later . . . TEENAGERS???!!! I really can't believe it. I NEVER would have seen us doing this. In fact, I clearly remember saying that we would 'consider' any younger children, but NOT teenagers!

So, I guess through all these years, GOD has groomed us ALL for this ministry. And, it really is a ministry. We could never do this without God leading us and giving us the grace to get through each day. He ministers to us, so we can share His love with the children He brings into our life. More coolness!

Sumana has just LOVED having a baby in the house again. She and Gretchen don't mind at all if he wakes up at 5 or 6 for a bottle; and if Jade needs any help, Gretchen is right there. THEN, they just all go back to sleep! It's pretty amazing! Tonight, Gretchen took Jade and Gavin out for ice cream. Oh, yeah! Last night Jade left the baby with me so she could go to Jeffrey's band's show. Like I said earlier, I love how our kids include our 'new' kids and make them feel so welcome. It helps Greig and me a ton to have not only their support, but their involvement. I'm just feeling really 'filled up' tonight and I'm very happy to share it with you!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Quiet you hear is GOOD!

Well, once again, 'QUIET' on blog front means we're busy. We've had lots of appointments for our new family members, as well as our usual PT and work schedules. Busy has been good and NOT STRESSFUL!!! God is good! He knows how much we can handle! There sure is alot going on, but it's been enjoyable. Jade and her son Gavin are such a blessing to us. She is a great mom and sooooo helpful around the house. She's also agreeable to homeschooling, so that makes one less hassle.

Sumana is back to her workout routine, though the treadmill seems hard to make progress on. I still haven't worked with her on our Wii, but I guess she's gotten in some time with Jade and/or Andrew. We're hoping to get Sumana in tip-top shape in time for her surgery. Her lungs seem to be in great shape. She had a nasty cold (I mentioned it in an earlier post). It hung on for over 2 weeks! Thankfully, she got over it with lots of albuterol and rest (and lots of prayer, too, I should add!)

Next Sunday is Gretchen's grad party, so I'll be busy making stuff and getting things organized. Greig's parents and niece arrive Friday. It's going to be one fun weekend!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fantastic 'Mom' Weekend!

Once again, my friend Cheryl and I had a wonderful getaway to the Pennsylvania Homeschool convention. My longtime friend, Jennie (from The King's College days), was also able to meet up with us for half the time. What an added bonus! We all got along great and ate lots of great Chinese food!

The weather was beautiful in Harrisburg: 80-ish and sunny on Friday and 70 ish and windy on Saturday. What a shock to hit SNOW in Cohocton! It was so cold and miserable; I wanted to turn around and go back (well . . . almost!)

I think I'm pretty well set now for school next year. Now the goal is to finish this year strong. Both Andrew and Sumana will complete a subject or two in the next week, so we can see the end in sight. Other subjects, though, will take us into June. I don't foresee any problems finishing by Sumana's surgery June 18th.

One big change we will be adjusting to is the addition of a 16 year old and her 6 month old son. After our most recent foster care experience, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that we're doing it again. However, we all want to try it . . . including the mom and her son. I will be homeschooling her and will try to mentor her on how to raise up her son. She is very anxious to get into a family environment, so though there will be adjustments, she WANTS to come and is ASKING for our help.

Please check your calendars for May 23rd. If you are available, we'd LOVE to have you come and help us celebrate Gretchen's belated high school graduation. It will be at LeTourneau Christian camp and run from 3-ish, til 10-ish (weather permitting!) Please RSVP by next Sunday (May 16). (585) 554 5301 or


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lots of News!

Surprise, surprise! Dr. Sanders just added some surgery time June 18th and Sumana's got it! It will mean that she'll have plenty of time to re-coup for camp at the end of July! She is one happy girl! (Her attitude continues to amaze me . . . not 'poor me I have to have surgery' . . . but "YEA! I get to have surgery early enough so I can go to camp!"

Sumana has had a yucky cold for about a week. She was having such a hard time breathing on Sunday that she stayed home from church and had albuterol treatments every 3 hours! I thought for sure we'd be off to the doctor's by now, but she's fighting it with all she's got.

Today is my mom's birthday, so we're all looking forward to having her and my dad over for dinner tonight. Sumana has been busy making a special picture for 'Nanya' (where's the Spanish keyboard when I need it!!!).

Thursday I'm off to Harrisburg, PA with my good friend Cheryl. We've been going for 7 or 8 years for the PA homeschool convention. I don't have nearly the shopping list I usually have, but I'm really looking forward to the time away. 'Mommy time' still is pretty special even though the kids are much older.