Monday, May 24, 2010

Gretchen's Party!

Gretchen's belated high school graduation was yesterday at LeTourneau Christian Camp. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! So good, in fact, that a lot of the teens jumped in the lake!!! BRRRRRR!! She had over 80 people join her for food and fun. Sumana enjoyed playing with all the 'little people' that joined their parents and siblings.
Grampy and Grammy came all the way from Northern Maine and cousin Brittany came in from New Hampshire. We've had so much fun! (Even though 11 people in our house is kinda crowded!!!)
Grampy and Grammy will be here for another week, so I'm leaving our days as open as possible. Wednesday is Sumana's pre-op appointment, though. I'm hoping to get Dr. Sanders' opinion on what the hospital stay might be like this time. Since her lungs are so much stronger I'm hoping for a much shorter stay. The only other problem might be the chest tube . . . if she needs one again. They had to keep it in her longer than expected last August. I'll pass along what we find out. Again, the surgery is scheduled for 11 am on Friday, June 18th.

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