Friday, May 28, 2010

More Info

I forgot to tell you one other thing Dr. Sanders commented on Wednesday. He said that Sumana's x-ray in the lying position showed that her scoliosis was 'good.' She really looked pretty straight. I forgot my camera . . . AGAIN . . . so I don't have the pics to show you.

Also, I have a pretty good handle on appointments for our summer. It's amazing how similar it looks to last summer. After Sumana's surgery she has her annual sleep study and a post-op visit the same day. About a week later she goes to camp. Then, she has a follow-up sleep study appointment, pulmonary check up, an eye exam and a dental cleaning thrown in for good measure! Whew! And that's just Sumana's appointments! Gretchen has her surgery in mid August and Jade and Gavin have a bunch of appointments, too! Whew! It'll be another busy summer! Thankfully, most appointments are routine check ups and only happen once a year.

We're enjoying having Grampy and Grammy with us. They are so much help around the house and they're so willing to help with transportation it's a real plus to have them around! Grammy said we should have a deli counter for knowing who's turn is next in the bathroom! Other than sharing the bathroom and dancing around each other in the kitchen, it's been fine having extra bodies around! They'll be here til Tuesday so we're cramming in as much fun as we can!!

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