Friday, March 11, 2011

NC here we come!

It has been probably one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Without going into detail, we had to ask to have our foster daughter removed from our home. It is always difficult to be forced to choose between your own children and another who needs you. However, in reality there is no choice. We always have to protect our own kids' best interest. Please pray for Jade, because this transition will be very difficult for her. It will be a good chance for her to really see that Jesus is the only true constant in her life. It also is a good chance for me to get out of the way and watch God work.

I really need a break, so we're heading to North Carolina a bit earlier than planned. I'm really thankful my parents are flexible and that I have good friends at the libary willing to cover for me while I escape. Sumana and Andrew will go with me. We're all looking forward to a change of pace. Gretchen will spend the week in Arizona with one of her best friends. Jeffrey and Greig both have to work, but seem to be looking forward to some peace and quiet!

I'll try to get some fun pictures to share when we get back. There are always lots of wonderful photo ops!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Radar

Huh . . . so much has been going on the last few months it hasn't even registered on my radar that Sumana has surgery coming up. April 18th is not that far away. I guess it's a really good thing that I've practically forgotten about it. That shows that Sumana is doing well and I'm not anxiously awaiting a needed surgery. This one is definitely needed, but I guess I don't see the physical signs in Sumana that make me wish a surgery date would hurry up and get here.

Sumana has been very healthy this winter season. I think she's had two colds, but got over both with relative ease. (I was recounting to someone at church today about how she used to catch every little cough that went around and it would immediately turn to pneumonia). She has been busy with AWANA, birthday parties for friends, an AWANA girls' overnight, etc., etc. It is such a relief to be able to let her go to these events and not worry about her catching something.

This next surgery will replace both VEPTR rods. After the last surgery, Dr. Sanders told us that she has outgrown both rods. Sumana has her pre-op March 23 and we're hoping to go on vacation the 24th (to my parents' in NC). Then it'll be just a hop, skip and a jump and she'll be up for surgery. It'll be nice to get this one out of the way before summer.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greig's new van!

So, I think we’re finally done car shopping. “Oh, what a relief . . . it is!” I got the 2007 Sienna about 2 weeks ago and today Greig brought home a 2002 Sienna. Supposedly both models are the ‘base’ models, but Greig has a bunch of goodies that I don’t have. (I’m not bitter, though!) Greig has dual power doors, an automatic hatch opener, daytime running lights and privacy glass. Woo-hoo! La-dee-dah! I have 75K fewer miles . . .so I guess I’ll be very happy with that!

I am very thankful, though. As awful as it is to lose two vehicles in about 2 weeks, none of us were seriously injured. AND, we got really good settlements for our old, high-mileage cars . . . much better than we ever could have sold them for. The really good news, too, is that we only have one car payment. I really see these circumstances as gifts from God. It’s kind of funny, too. We now have 3 Toyota vehicles out of 4. We just need to convert Gretchen!! I hope this means we'll be visiting our friendly mechanics less frequently!!

I didn't look at my earlier posts, but it's worth mentioning again. The van doors are so light that Sumana can open and close them by herself. Yea!