Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greig's new van!

So, I think we’re finally done car shopping. “Oh, what a relief . . . it is!” I got the 2007 Sienna about 2 weeks ago and today Greig brought home a 2002 Sienna. Supposedly both models are the ‘base’ models, but Greig has a bunch of goodies that I don’t have. (I’m not bitter, though!) Greig has dual power doors, an automatic hatch opener, daytime running lights and privacy glass. Woo-hoo! La-dee-dah! I have 75K fewer miles . . .so I guess I’ll be very happy with that!

I am very thankful, though. As awful as it is to lose two vehicles in about 2 weeks, none of us were seriously injured. AND, we got really good settlements for our old, high-mileage cars . . . much better than we ever could have sold them for. The really good news, too, is that we only have one car payment. I really see these circumstances as gifts from God. It’s kind of funny, too. We now have 3 Toyota vehicles out of 4. We just need to convert Gretchen!! I hope this means we'll be visiting our friendly mechanics less frequently!!

I didn't look at my earlier posts, but it's worth mentioning again. The van doors are so light that Sumana can open and close them by herself. Yea!


  1. It looks sharp! God is so faithful to meet our needs.

  2. So glad that you can see the good in the situation already!!! Both cars look GREAT!!!! :) Congrats!

  3. Hey Cheryl,
    This is Shawn (originally met via the VEPTR website and you are folowing my 'not updated in a long time' blog, Josie's Journey of Hope).

    i'm not sure we ever connected thru Facebook in '09 and there are LOTS of Cheryl Homans so i can't tell which one is you. I'm the Shawn Martin with a cartoon Calvin in a red mask, shirt, and cape (Captain Stupendous). send me a friend request if you'd like.