Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, with minimal sweat and tears, we have a new van. It is not a twin of my beloved Astro, but it is a good van, nonetheless. We found a 2007 Toyota Sienna in Greece (NY!). It only had 27,000 on it when we got it. It is their base model, but is more than adequate to meet our needs. The doors are light enough that Sumana can open and close them herself. It also has 'quad seating' so Sumana has her very own seat. I like the way she fits in the seat MUCH better than in the Astro.
The Astro, by the way, was totalled. The last pictures I posted didn't look too bad, so I asked Greig to take some more pictures. I've posted one that show fairly well how the roof was smooshed down nearly to the back of the driver's seat. I guess that's why my head and neck hurt so much. Probably any more 'smooshing' and my neck would have broken. Yikes! A very sobering thought.

I'm now working a three-month job at the Red Jacket Community Library in Manchester, NY. I had to work on Saturday, so despite the horrible weather I drove to and from work. I wanted to turn around many times, but I kept plugging along. Even though it took nearly 1 hour (normally a 30 minute trip), I made it safe and sound. By the time I reached home, I felt very good about our new van. It is just a standard front wheel drive, nothing fancy . . . but it handled very well in the snow and wind.

Our latest 'drama' is that Greig was rear-ended yesterday. It wasn't his fault, but it makes another headache to deal with. He so graciously handled my mishap, I wish I could help him with this one. However, he knows all the collision people, so he'll be in a good position to work through this problem. Since his van is 14 years old, it will probably be totalled with just the rear hatch damage. He definitely has some whip lash to deal with, too. Please pray that we can work through this as smoothly as we did my incident.
Also, keep Sumana in prayer. She is very stubborn about wearing her eye patch. I know it's because she can't see much . . . but she needs to try to strengthen the weak eye.


  1. Oh my!!!!!! You guys have certainly been through the car wringer lately! :( I'll be praying that good can come out of Greig's accident as it did out of yours! (((Cheryl)))

  2. Sounds like a lot of drama going on. Never a dull moment. Glad that you were safe in that awful weather. I was crazy enough to drive to Ovid for a baby shower that afternoon.