Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's been a good feedback weekend!

We've gotten lots of good feedback and encouragement this weekend. For starters, one of our special friends from Crosswinds is going to use Sumana's story for a class she's taking. It's rather humbling to think of others sharing Sumana's story. I think it's a pretty cool story, but that OTHER's think that, too???!!!

My group at Sunday School was really encouraging, too. I was bragging on how well our kids accept foster kids and welcome them into their circle of friends. One person said, " well, it's because you've groomed them for it." I thought that was a rather odd thing to say, but with a tweak in the wording, I could agree with it. "GOD has groomed them for this." We started out getting a homestudy through the county because it was free and we needed one to adopt. Then, we felt led to care for babies and preschoolers. NOW, 8 years later . . . TEENAGERS???!!! I really can't believe it. I NEVER would have seen us doing this. In fact, I clearly remember saying that we would 'consider' any younger children, but NOT teenagers!

So, I guess through all these years, GOD has groomed us ALL for this ministry. And, it really is a ministry. We could never do this without God leading us and giving us the grace to get through each day. He ministers to us, so we can share His love with the children He brings into our life. More coolness!

Sumana has just LOVED having a baby in the house again. She and Gretchen don't mind at all if he wakes up at 5 or 6 for a bottle; and if Jade needs any help, Gretchen is right there. THEN, they just all go back to sleep! It's pretty amazing! Tonight, Gretchen took Jade and Gavin out for ice cream. Oh, yeah! Last night Jade left the baby with me so she could go to Jeffrey's band's show. Like I said earlier, I love how our kids include our 'new' kids and make them feel so welcome. It helps Greig and me a ton to have not only their support, but their involvement. I'm just feeling really 'filled up' tonight and I'm very happy to share it with you!!!

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  1. :) Soooooooo glad this is working out so well! Will continue to pray for all of you! God does prepare us for our future long before we even begin to understand what all that entails! He's AWESOME that way! :)