Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fantastic 'Mom' Weekend!

Once again, my friend Cheryl and I had a wonderful getaway to the Pennsylvania Homeschool convention. My longtime friend, Jennie (from The King's College days), was also able to meet up with us for half the time. What an added bonus! We all got along great and ate lots of great Chinese food!

The weather was beautiful in Harrisburg: 80-ish and sunny on Friday and 70 ish and windy on Saturday. What a shock to hit SNOW in Cohocton! It was so cold and miserable; I wanted to turn around and go back (well . . . almost!)

I think I'm pretty well set now for school next year. Now the goal is to finish this year strong. Both Andrew and Sumana will complete a subject or two in the next week, so we can see the end in sight. Other subjects, though, will take us into June. I don't foresee any problems finishing by Sumana's surgery June 18th.

One big change we will be adjusting to is the addition of a 16 year old and her 6 month old son. After our most recent foster care experience, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that we're doing it again. However, we all want to try it . . . including the mom and her son. I will be homeschooling her and will try to mentor her on how to raise up her son. She is very anxious to get into a family environment, so though there will be adjustments, she WANTS to come and is ASKING for our help.

Please check your calendars for May 23rd. If you are available, we'd LOVE to have you come and help us celebrate Gretchen's belated high school graduation. It will be at LeTourneau Christian camp and run from 3-ish, til 10-ish (weather permitting!) Please RSVP by next Sunday (May 16). (585) 554 5301 or


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  1. Oh my! I hope this foster care experience will be completely different than the last! To encourage you, my mom and dad did one like that many years ago and it was an exceptionally rewarding experience with many blessings all around! I will pray for all of you! Unfortunately we won't be in NY until the weekend after Gretchen's party, but we are sooooooo looking forward to seeing all of you!