Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surprising Pre-op Appointment

Hmmmm. I guess that migrated rod broke the rib it was attached to. I guess I thought it had come loose and moved up into another rib, but no . . . it cracked the rib it was attached to. It means both good and bad news. The good news is: the rib has healed well and Dr. Sanders is only going to extend that rod (the one closest to her spine) . . . he's NOT going to replace it. The bad news is: the rib may crack again under the pressure of extending that rod and he may have to reattach the rod to a lower rib.

Dr. Sanders thinks that he can replace just the lower part of the rod farthest from her spine. Again, this is good news because it is less invasive. He doesn't expect to need a chest tube and he's hopeful that Sumana will come off the ventilator well again. All this being said, he is planning on keeping her one night for observation, but makes no promises that she won't be staying longer. I guess I'm hoping it goes like February's surgery and we can even escape the same night. (Wishful thinking . . . but actually, we WANT to stay in the hospital this time so we can hang out with our little friend Giana and her mom. Giana is having VEPTR surgery 4 days before Sumana).

Dr. Sanders was really pleased to hear that Sumana successfully navigated through two colds this year with no complications, (i.e. pneumonia). As he was leaving he said the nicest thing: "There are some people who bring a smile to my face every time I see them and you're one of them!" Does that describe how most people feel after they've been around Sumana??? What a treasure! Now that I'm starting to see more 'teenage attitude' from Sumana, I really have to remember compliments like this. As frustrated as I can be with her sometimes, I want to keep 'it' in perspective with her whole personality.

So, it was a rather unusual pre-op appointment. Dr. Sanders did the entire history and physical (not his resident or NP), and his news was potentially optimistic. I guess I had anticipated an entire re-do of the initial surgery and that will not be the case. Please start praying now that Sumana's body will be strong and healthy for her June 18th surgery.

Speaking of praying, please pray for our 22 month old friend Giana (Sumana's VEPTR buddy). She has had unexplained fevers for something like 6 weeks. We had planned to visit with her before our Dr. Sanders appointment, but she was in for testing today at the hospital. Please pray that the doctors involved in her care will find the cause and treat her promptly. Thank you!

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