Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Quiet you hear is GOOD!

Well, once again, 'QUIET' on blog front means we're busy. We've had lots of appointments for our new family members, as well as our usual PT and work schedules. Busy has been good and NOT STRESSFUL!!! God is good! He knows how much we can handle! There sure is alot going on, but it's been enjoyable. Jade and her son Gavin are such a blessing to us. She is a great mom and sooooo helpful around the house. She's also agreeable to homeschooling, so that makes one less hassle.

Sumana is back to her workout routine, though the treadmill seems hard to make progress on. I still haven't worked with her on our Wii, but I guess she's gotten in some time with Jade and/or Andrew. We're hoping to get Sumana in tip-top shape in time for her surgery. Her lungs seem to be in great shape. She had a nasty cold (I mentioned it in an earlier post). It hung on for over 2 weeks! Thankfully, she got over it with lots of albuterol and rest (and lots of prayer, too, I should add!)

Next Sunday is Gretchen's grad party, so I'll be busy making stuff and getting things organized. Greig's parents and niece arrive Friday. It's going to be one fun weekend!

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