Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Record

I haven't found the post that I'm thinking of yet, but I think our quickest surgery was 12 or 13 hours door to door. Yesterday we made it down to 10 hours! Sumana's surgery didn't start til almost 2pm, but Dr. Sanders was out to give us a report by 3:40. It was a standard expansion, no new rods needed. The only issue was anesthesia. As always, they had a hard time finding an IV site. We had hoped to get the IV put in before surgery because it had worked out so well for her shunt surgery. (ie: she didn't throw up!) But after 2 hours of prepration, they didn't see a good site and said she needed to use the mask. The good news, though, is that she still didn't throw up! She laid almost flat for her whole recovery, eating and drinking slowly. When she was ready she sat up and got dressed. Then we went home!

Last night was really long. Sumana had to get up almost every hour to go to the bathroom! UGH!! The pain seemed to be more than usual last night, but this morning she seems to have turned the corner. She's been playing on the computer this morning and has gone 5 hours without the serious pain meds . . . just ibuprofen. We appreciate your continued prayers!


  1. Praise God for no throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad it went relatively smoothly! Now to keep her occupied during the recovery! Bet she's smiling as big as ever again! You rock, Sumana!!!!!

  2. So happy to hear that everything went smoothly! Big hugs from all of us Sumana<3

  3. Hi Sumana, I am so happy to hear your surgery went so well and that you got to go home the same day! I'm glad you are much better today; hopefully you and your Mom can get some sleep tonight! Lots of Love & Prayers coming your way! :) Miss Sonia