Friday, April 8, 2011

Pneumonia . . . .:-(

So sad. Sumana went from a cold on Wednesday (we did see the doctor and got her started on a steriod) to bronchitis (took her to the ER for shortness of breath) to bacterial pneumonia today (back to her doctor's office). Her O2 sats were around 93 yesterday and today. If they get below 89 they would admit her to keep her on oxygen. Those numbers are too close for my comfort!! The poor kid! She is acting okay, but the coughing really hurts her chest and ears.

The doctor doesn't think that she'll be able to go ahead with her April 18th surgery. I'm afraid she's right, but I don't even want to consider what that might mean. Dr. Sanders was booking into July a month ago, so unless he can squeeze her in somewhere, we'll be looking at August at the earliest. As much as I'd like to get the new rods in her back, I really don't want to take a chance with her weakened lungs. The whole ventilator experience is a once-in-a-life-time thing as far as I'm concerned. Been there, done that . . .don't wanna do it again!

So, please pray for healing and wisdom for us. I'll contact Dr. Sanders office next week and see what they say.

Here's a quick, funny story: After her doctor appointment we went out for lunch. She sneezed so hard and unexpectedly, that she knocked over her glass of ice water. It dumped across the table and into my lap!!! Where is the video camera when you need it? She was sooooo startled (me, too!). It was sooooooo funny! Wish you could have witnessed it!

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