Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Pictures!

It's been WAYYYY crazy again, so I'll recap in pictures!

Another Creature Feature at the library!

A long, overdue visit with Sumana's friend, Giana.

Back to PT with Miss Kristen (Sumana's fire dancing!)

Ruby and Sumana at the Dorman/Emory family reunion!

The newest news is that Sumana got two great doctor reports! Last week her pulmonologist, Dr. Voter and respiratory therapist, Miss Kim, found that Sumana's lung function has improved 20 percent since February!! We're convinced God has used Dr. Sanders and the VEPTR to open up her lungs and let her use them! She also saw the sleep study 'people' and her study was (like last year), normal. We'll continue yearly sleep studies, but this is more good news!

Also, Dr. Sanders' secretary called today to schedule Sumana's NEXT expansion!! Holy cow! Now that's efficiency (and a very busy doctor's schedule!!) Monday, November 15th will be the next surgery . . . about 5 months since her last surgery. I think we're all pretty happy with the date. It's before Sumana's birthday and all the holiday activities, so hopefully she'll recouperate as well as she did in June.

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  1. Awesome news all around! Glad to see all the pictures too! Hugs to all and you never know, we might see you sooner than any of us expect! ;)