Sunday, August 1, 2010

Final Week of July: Review in Pictures!

Swimming with the Hinterbergers in Watkins Glen.

Sumana's last day working with Miss Alyssa. She and Sumana had a lot of fun this summer. She gave Sumana some new exercises, helped her work on her Wii tightrope walking and introduced her to some yoga stretches. We wish Miss Alyssa all the best with her PT schooling. She's going to be GREAT!

Mr. Ray fitted Sumana with her brand new PURPLE braces. Once we get her some sneakers that don't have worn-out toes, this girl will be walking tall!!!

Sumana went to work with me again and was able to read to the dogs! This week Sam listened to Sumana. (and this time mom had her camera!!!)

Cousin Ruby had an AWESOME girly birthday party. The girls acted out a short play. It was sooooo cute . . . Sumana was the mother!!!

What birthday party is complete without a pinata!! Uncle Carl and Auntie Kerri rigged up a WAY COOL version of the pinata. Here Sumana is taking a wack with her noodle!

This week is going to be super busy again. I have my regular library hours PLUS 6 additional hours of training on some new circulation software the library system is switching to. Sumana also sees her pulmonary doctor, eye doctor and dentist this week. We end the week with our church's community fair. What a week!

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  1. Will we get to see the pictures of Sumana walking tall too? :) Looooooove all the pictures! I'll bet Sumana made a GREAT mom in the play! Love the pic of her reading to Sam too!