Monday, July 26, 2010

Camp Re-Cap

As I suspected, Sumana had a great time at camp. I'm afraid she sat around too much and got too little sleep, though. When I picked her up on Saturday her legs were shaky and she was very unsteady. I have conflicting reports about her activity. Gretchen said every time she saw her, Sumana was using her crutches. However, Andrew said the opposite. He said every time he saw her she was being pushed around in her wheelchair. I know I have to consider the source a bit, but I'm afraid she's fallen behind a bit with her strength. I'm trying not to be disappointed about that and concentrate on the fact that she had a wonderful time doing stuff that 11 year old kids should be doing in the summer.

Sumana did comment, though, that next year she'd like to go to a camp for kids with special needs. There is a wonderful Rotary-sponsored camp not too far away, so maybe she'll try that out next year.

Today Sumana and I took Jade and her sister out for ice cream. Their birthdays are only two days apart. Afterward we went to the playground and let Sumana and Neena play together. It's always fun to see little girls playing together! The last picture is for Grampy and Grammy . . . they haven't seen Jade and Gavin for 2 months AND they've never met Jade's sister. Enjoy Grammy and Grampy!!!

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  1. Can the rest of us enjoy the pic of Jade, Gavin and Neena too? ;) Gavin has gotten soooooo big!!!!! Also happy to see those beautiful McNabb girls! :) Thanks!