Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camera in the car

Ugh!! I missed so many photo opps today and I had the camera with me . . . it was just packed in our overnight bag!!! I'll try my best to re-cap, but the pictures would have said it all a lot better!

Tuesday started out bright and early with PT at 8 am. Miss Alyssa introduced Sumana to some yoga stretches. Sumana was trying her best to get out of doing what was being asked, but Drill Sargeant Miss Kristen was close by to keep her working. It was pretty funny to see her try to get sympathy from Alyssa and then Kristen would be right there making sure she did just what she was asked to do!

Then we headed home to take Jade and Gavin to Penn Yan. We visited with friends for awhile because I had an 11am meeting. What a riot to see my friend's 4 year old daughter rubbing Sumana's skin over and over. Jazzy is really fair skinned and we found out that she was trying to see if she could rub off Sumana's dark color. (Did she think Sumana was dirty??? That would be REALLY dirty!!!) That was my first missed photo op. It actually would have made a great video!!!
After my meeting we headed to Rochester to look at a 'new' van. I had found two cars over the weekend. Interestingly enough, the local car was sent to auction and the Rochester van had been sold by the time we got to the dealer. I love how God directs us so clearly. Because of our research last year, I've pretty much settled on two vehicles and we know what price range we're looking at. The two vehicles met all the requirements, but I guess it's not time to get a new van. I didn't mention that on the way to Rochester, we dropped off the Big Green Van. The 'service engine soon' light has been coming on and off randomly since our camping trip. I guess nothing is really wrong, so we're just going to keep driving it . . . a little unsettling, but definitely the most economical solution!

Next, we were off to see Dr. Sanders. I had forgotten to grab Sumana's handicap parking tag when we got our loaner, so I had to park at the VERY back of the lot. I did drop Sumana off at the entrance, but it through me off enough that I forgot to grab the camera (AGAIN!!) It was so far back out that I didn't dare leave Sumana to get it, so there it stayed. And, that's why I don't have a new x-ray picture for you. And, boy was it a good picture. You can clearly see both rods and the ribs they are attached to. The doctor thinks the rib that broke in April is holding well. He said the rod might migrate and break the rib again, but it looks good now. (If something happens again, at least we’ll have an idea that it’s rib and not just ‘random’ pain. . . .Ugh!!!) Dr. Sanders wants to see Sumana in November with an expansion surgery sometime after that.

When we first got to the office they took Sumana in for her x-rays. They always have trouble keeping the pelvic shield ‘up’. There was another missed photo op. It kept sagging and sagging and by the time the tech was ready to take the picture, the shield had to get strapped on again. Sumana and the tech just giggled and giggled. (I guess you had to be there!)

On the way back to the waiting area we hear, “Hey, Sumana!” It was my cousin Matt and his little guy, Brady. I think I’ve mentioned him before. He is a tough little cookie, battling neuroblastoma and scoliosis resulting from the tumor-removal surgery. What a riot to meet in the doctor’s office! After Sumana’s appointment we were able to visit with them before it was Brady’s turn to see Dr. Sanders. I was so proud to see Brady standing tall to get measured and weighed on the ‘big’ scale. Gone are the days of being afraid of doctor’s offices. God is soooo good! (By the way . . . that was ANOTHER missed photo op: Brady and Sumana meet in Dr. Sanders waiting room . . . UGH!!!!)

Well, the day kept on a-rollin’. We headed off to Mysore Woodlands and a yummy Indian dinner. One of the x-rays techs was from India and I asked what state she was from and what her favorite restaurant was in Rochester. She was from Punjab state (more Northern India), and her favorite restaurant was India House (where her dad is a chef!) She did say the Mysore Woodlands was the best choice for South Indian food (we totally agree!!)

Tuesday was Dosa Night, so in addition to a huge dinner buffet, we could order as many dosa as we wanted. There were 8 varieties to choose from. (We were so hungry I didn’t think of this missed photo op til we had finished eating!) I would describe dosa as the Indian equivalent to a flour tortilla. It is rolled and stuffed with potatoes and/or onions, cheese (cottage-cheese-type) and a variety of spices. Yum!!! I wish I had JUST eaten dosa . . . I ate so much off the buffet that I only got to try 2 dosa!!

Once again, Sumana drew a lot of attention from the staff at the restaurant. We met another waiter from Chennai (her city) and a chef from Nepal. He greeted her in Hindi and I reminded her of her similar Tamil greeting. He said Sumana means ‘good heart’ in Sanskrit. (I told him the name was ‘right on’!) It means ‘flower’ in Tamil. Sumana said the food and smells reminded her of India. I love to watch her eat at Indian restaurants. She uses her hand in the most elegant manner. It’s sort of a sweeping/scooping motion . . . really quite beautiful. AND, her face just glows.

After dinner we headed back to the same office park, but a different building. Miss Amy greeted us and got us situated in the BEST room for Sumana’s sleep study (it had it’s OWN bathroom . . . woo-hooo!!!) Since we needed the overnight bag, I finally had the camera. So, here’s one picture from our extremely busy day! By the way, Sumana slept really well and didn’t get disconnected from any of her sensors. That’s quite a feat! There were leg sensors, belly and chest belts, snore and breathing sensors, eye and jaw movement sensors, as well as brain sensors. That’s a LOT of wires!!! We’ll have a follow-up appointment in August.

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  1. Wow! What a day! So glad it went so well though! Yes, Sumana really DOES live up to her name! :)