Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reading to the dogs!

It's been another crazy week and Sumana was tired of being left home with 'a teenager'! So, she went to work with me today at the library. Five whole hours in a place that's supposed to be quiet and peaceful!!!????? Not a very interesting place for an 11 year old???? Guess again!

In addition to surfing the net for Adventures in Odyssey cds and info, Sumana got to do something extra special today. She read to a dog!! A local woman brought in her therapy dog for kids to read to her. Ruby layed on the carpet still as can be as 6 kids took turns reading to her. What a riot!!! Sumana read an Arthur book to Ruby and the other kids listened in, too.

I couldn't believe how busy Sumana kept. She said she liked to help kids that were looking for books. She had lots of suggestions and she knew alot to help find books and if she got stuck, she told them to ask me! It was too darn cute!

Sumana went to Creature Feature last week at the library (quilled animals visited) and I guess she's going again this Monday for more Creature Features!! Libraries certainly aren't what they used to be!! There is so much to do at the library (especially in the summertime!). It's my first summer there and I can't believe what a hoppin' busy place it is!! (I better remember my camera next time I go to work with Sumana!)


  1. I saw Sumana the other day at the library and I saw her again today. I said, "Hi" to her...but I don't think she knows me.

  2. Anywhere Sumana goes she makes things interesting! ;)