Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a Weekend!!!

The WHOLE Tielmann, Aubrey, Holman gang!

Sumana and Leah: coloring, game-playing, smore-eating buddies!

Sumana and Leah . . . fish girls!

What a perfect camping weekend!! The weather was gorgeous! Our campsites were in the shade and there was always a nice breeze at the lake. I think there were 19 kids ages 3-19 and everyone got along really well. Sumana loved all the little Aubrey boys, but played the most with her friend Leah Tielmann.

Sumana was really weak and unbalanced, so it was tough on mom. Sumana's wheelchair was no good on the rocky, bumpy paths so my plan A for transportation was out the window. However, Aubreys let us borrow their double stroller to get to and from the bathroom, so that was a LIFE SAVER! Even though she had a great time, I think the weekend was a stretch for her physically so soon after surgery.

This week is already full of appointments and responsibilities. We are going to squeeze in lunch with my sister and her kids today. The Happiness House has a new Wii game, so Sumana is motivated to do her exercises. (Exercises = Wii time at PT) Next week is her post-op appointment and annual sleep study. Yikes! What a(nother) whirlwind!

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  1. So glad you all had a good time! So much for "vacation" though! Hope you can get in a few moments to rest this week!