Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

In all the heat last week we did manage to make it to Vine Valley one day. The lake water felt soooo good! I plan to do it again soon. The beach is only 3-4 miles away and it's so nice!

Last week's big news was that Jade got her permit! (She says to stay off the sidewalks!!! LOL!!!) This week we're off to Rochester for Sumana's post-op appointment and sleep study. We'll squeeze in a dinner at Mysore Woodlands between appointments. Sumana is pretty excited.

Today we went to a friend's graduation party. I forgot my camera . . . what a bummer! You should have seen Sumana playing with all the little girls. She had so much fun! She also got to see lots of her 'old' friends from Crosswinds. It's so traumatic for me to see all these grown-up 'kids' . . . how does that happen?? And I don't feel any older??????

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