Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Possible Answers

Sumana saw Dr. Sanders Tuesday and the x-ray showed something earlier ones (apparently) did not. The lamina on the vertebra that the VEPTR is attached to is eroding or damaged. And, the lower right rib appears to have cracked where the other rod attaches. Both these things sound worse than they are. Both are risks of using growing rods. The good news is both areas appear to be healing well and Sumana has been doing better pain-wise.

The other good news is that her upper spine is in good position. Dr. Sanders is VERY pleased with that. My concern about her still 'slumping' to the right is not the big concern I thought it was. The doctor's main goal is to help her straighter her scoliosis curve and that's happening. Since things look good, we're looking at surgery in May. If she has any complications before then, Dr. Sanders will move the date up. However, he feels confident in waiting til May at this point because his objectives are being met.

Overall, good news. Sumana starts PT at my PT office tomorrow. She'll get some special attention for her back and hopefully continue to help her work through her remaining back pain.

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  1. :( Poor kiddo! Even if it sounds like progress is being made, it still sounds painful! :( Hope they can help ease that pain soon and glad to hear that overall things are going well!!! :) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!