Monday, January 10, 2011


Sumana's back pain is virtually gone. She is back to doing her PT exercises and stretches. She has a final electro-stimulation on Thursday. I think the combination of exercise/stretching, e-stim and more movement in general have helped her get past the pain.

She saw her neurosurgeon on Friday and he is pleased with her recovery. She will only see him once a year now! The doctor did not think her 'wandering eye' was related to her shunt, so now we're on to other causes. It's just strange that her eye began to wander 2 weeks before the shunt issues . . . it was better immediately after surgery, but it has been really bad the last month. She sees Dr. Gearinger (eye doc) in February. I've also asked for help from the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. She has plateau-ed in her reading ability and I want to find out if it's related to her optic nerve damage, wandering eye, or what?

Her next surgery is April 18th and it will be a VEPTR revision. That means that Dr. Sanders will remove the outgrown rods and replace them with new ones. Sumana is pleased that we were able to schedule surgery on a 'non-AWANA' night so she won't miss out on the fun.

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