Friday, January 21, 2011

Busy Time

As always, we've been on the run. Just to give you an update, Dr. Silberstein (neurosurgeon), is pleased with Sumana's recovery since he placed the new shunt in October. Unless she starts to get unexplained headaches, he doesn't need to see her again for another year!!! Yea!

Sumana does continue to have a lazy eye (strabismus). I thought it might still be related to her shunt because the symptoms began just 2 weeks before her surgery. However, Dr. Silberstein said he does not think it is related. I have seen Sumana's reading progress plateau over the last year. Moving to chapter books has been very difficult for her. Her eye doctor said she has permanent optic nerve damage from birth and her vision is not correctable. Since her vision seemed to test ok, we've just 'gone with it.' Now, though, I'm not so satisfied.

Next week Sumana will have a low vision exam at the Association for the blind and Visually Impaired. I don't know if she'll qualify as visually impaired, but I guess it makes a logical next step. The association has lots of resources available. I've actually had their phone number for THREE years! And I never called! UGH!! Anyway, if they determine her vision is ok, then I'll start looking into developmental disabilities. However, she does much better with books in large (giant, actually!) print, so I have a feeling she has some kind of visual problem. I guess we'll know more next week.

Gretchen goes back to college next week and Jade starts back up with work at the college. I've inquired about part time work at two area libraries, so I may be back working soon, too. Jeffrey LOVES his new 'permanent' bank home and starts additional training in February. Andrew is looking forward to turning 15 in February so he can apply at Wegmans! Gavin is 14 months and is starting to get the hang of walking. Greig still likes his work with Olan Mills, but he's only working 2-3 days a week, so that's a bit rough on the pay check, but it's the season, I guess. I'll try to update when we have more Sumana news. Take care y'all!

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  1. Wow! That's a pile of changes with everyone for one post! Andrew working at Wegmans - that's a huge step! Praying they can figure out how to help Sumana's vision! Have a friend whose son just finished "vision therapy." Not sure what that was all about but I can ask if you'd like.