Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What an eye doctor!

I must admit how pleasantly surprised I am with Sumana's new eye doctor, Dr. Paul Harvey. I have to really concentrate and put on my 'SAT' vocabulary ears when I listen to him. Even then, I need to ask for clarification, but who cares??? He's taking time to figure out Sumana's eyes and give us some direction to work with.

Sumana's eyes improved last time from 20/80 to 20/60. Today's exam wasn't very remarkable: she's solidly at 20/50. However, Dr. Harvey was able to diagnose some more issues. He has already learned that Sumana has blind spots in her field of vision and she has NO depth perception. Today he was able to determine that at close range Sumana sees double, then as an object moves away, from 4ft to 8ft, her right eye shuts completely off. Then beyond 8 feet it'll come back and try to work with the other eye. Isn't that amazing?

Our next plan of action is to apply eye drops every night at bedtime. This will relax her good eye and MAKE her weaker eye work. We will still continue to patch periodically throughout the day to give her an even greater workout. She will be re-evaluated in 6 weeks and then he'll do more tests and give us some exercises depending on his findings. Dr. Harvey is hopeful that we can correct some of these visual problems AND (get this . .) possibly DEVELOP some depth perception. But, of course, that's WAYYYY down the road. I'm just sooooo thankful to have a local eye doctor who is willing to stick with Sumana and try out different things. What a huge blessing.


  1. Definitely a huge blessing! So glad that someone is willing to take the time and effort to work at this since it could have a huge impact on her life! 20/60 to 20/50 is still an improvement! Every positive movement forward is a gain!

  2. He's our eye doctor too and we like him! Glad Sumana is getting the help she needs with her vision.