Sunday, March 28, 2010

Concert and little boys

Well, Sumana got to go see her big brother, Jeffrey, in concert Wednesday night. His band, A Decent Tuesday, performed at 'Hot Topic' at Eastview Mall. There was a great turnout and Sumana actually enjoyed the concert. I don't know if she's getting used to the loud volume, or if the venue was a little easier on the ears . . .??? Before the concert we went to Tom Wahl's. For you out-of-towners, TW is a western NY hamburger chain. Huge burgers, homemade rootbeer . . . yummy, yumminess! Sumana ate an entire WAHL burger . . . complete with ham, cheese and all the fixin's! Who knew she could eat so much???!!!!

Friday night we had a 22 month old boy stay with us for a short respite for his guardians. We hadn't seen him in over 9 months, so he didn't remember us or our home. Sumana and the other kids seemed to break thru to him, though. He really warmed up to us and seemed to have a good time. On Saturday another little boy came (15 months old), so we had two little boys for the morning. Thankfully, the older boy left before lunchtime, so we only had one little guy for the rest of the day. Sumana LOVES little people. She was so good with them . . . she got right down at their level and played along with them. How cute!!

Today I led Children's Church. Check out this truly 'God thing': The theme of today's lesson was showing Jesus' love by helping others who are different than us. It was all about helping people with disabilities. We brought out Sumana's wheelchair and walker and talked about why people might need them. Some kids had older relatives who needed them, so they could relate on another level. Everyone had seen Sumana before, so they were comfortable talking to her about ways they could help her. I also taught them 'Jesus Loves Me' in sign language and talked about people who can't hear. It was a WONDERFUL experience and I think the kids really 'got it'. How cool that the ONE Sunday I sign up to help, it's a topic that our family is pretty passionate about. Yea!


  1. It sounds like you are all doing a great job caring for one another and others. Your kids have wonderful role models.

  2. :) God is in the habit of using those who can best deliver the message when they are willing! How cool for Sumana to learn that she can help deliver God's messages!