Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're off (almost!)

Well, we take off at 5pm tomorrow for our weekend in Pennsylvania. We're all really looking forward to seeing our friends . . . too bad it's supposed to be rainy!

Today Sumana got caught up with a lot of her schoolwork (as you can imagine, it's been a rough week!). She also had PT and got to hang out at the library for a bit. She just LOVES the library . . . it's pretty cute to see her sitting in a chair reading, or looking for a new book on the shelves OR (get this!) using a computer to find a book she wants. I often forget that she IS 11 years old. She really is becoming pretty self-sufficient. (YEA!!!)

We would appreciate your prayers as we are on our trip: Kathleen has been a handful (or should I say 'mouthful'???) We want to make her part of the family and hope she'll enjoy the time hanging out for the weekend, but she REALLY needs to watch her mouth so we can ALL enjoy the time. I'm realizing how I've slacked off with the constant, intense praying that I've enjoyed in the past. It's that same old, "if things are going good, I don't seem to need God as much" BUT, "if things are bad, I'm on my knees all the time!!" It's amazing how many times I've repeated this pattern . . . when will I ever 'get it' that I need Jesus ALL the time!!!???? Well, thanks for hanging in there with us!!!

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