Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Migration in Spring

We expect and even look forward to the birds migrating back to our yards in Spring. However, migration in a VEPTR rod is definitely not something we want to EVER deal with, no matter the season! Sumana and I just got back from seeing Dr. Sanders (he squeezed us in at the VERY END of his day!) It was obvious to him that the rod closest to Sumana's spine has migrated UP into her upper ribs. On the x-ray it appears to be at least a 1/2 inch change from February's films (maybe more . . . that's MY guess-timate).

So, believe it or not, Dr. Sanders wants to wait a month and see if the area heals and if Sumana can cope with the pain. In the meantime, he wants to schedule surgery for July. If she has too many problems between now and a month, he will do her surgery earlier. As always, the skin on her back incision sites is a real concern. Up until 3 weeks ago, one area was still 'oozing'. Her skin is really struggling to heal with the close succession of surgeries. The longer we can wait the healthier her skin can get.

The real bummer in all of this, though, is that the offending rod is actually the one Dr. Sanders said didn't need replacing yet. There is plenty of room for expansion: maybe 2-3 inches. Because of this rod trouble, she'll need the ENTIRE, full-blown surgery AGAIN-- Both rods needing to be worked on, or replaced. There is so much room left on the rod on the spine-side, I doubt Dr. Sanders will even consider replacing it. You can bet I'll ask, though!

Sumana and I made the best of our late-day appointment. We had a late lunch at our new favorite: Mysore Woodlands. They do REAL South India food. Check out the size of the Masala Dosa in the picture! (That's by far my favorite dish. It is cooked potatoes and spices that are rolled inside a paper-thin crepe-sort-of-thing!) We also 'hit' Lands End Inlet and the mall for a little sale hunting. We were very successful!!

Other good news: Sumana saw a different orthodontist last week and was told she has BEAUTIFUL teeth (that's kinda what I thought!) He said in an 'ideal world' there is work that could be done, but nothing critical or even really necessary. Yeeeee-hawwww! One less thing to deal with!!!! I couldn't be happier (Sumana, too!!!)


  1. Oh no! How discouraging to have to go through the entire surgery again! :( We'll continue to pray!

    Lunch looks YUMMY! :) We always knew she had a beautiful smile! Glad to get professional confirmation! ;)

  2. Oh shoot! That is discouraging news! Hang in there Sumana, God has got it all worked out:) XOXOX Megan

  3. I recognize that dosai!