Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wii Fun . . . FINALLY!!!

We have been busy doing things that are special for our family since our foster daughter was removed last week. It feels like we're celebrating in one way, but there sure is an ache in my heart that reminds me that it's not ALL happy. I still haven't made contact with K yet, if I don't hear by tomorrow, I'll be more assertive about getting a phone number.

Friday we got take out Chinese for dinner (that's a once a year type of event). Saturday and Sunday we just hung around the house and I got caught up on paperwork and SLEEP! Monday we all went out to Applebee's for dinner. (That's NEVER happened before!) And, today . . . I got Andrew to set up the Wii! It's a beautiful day outside, but Andrew, Sumana and I decided to hang out and play!

Sumana was soooo surprised! She actually showed me and Andrew how to play some of the games. We all tested our BMI and set goals . . . this system is soooo cool!!! Sumana's favorite game is actually a RUNNING game! Andrew is pretty cute doing a hula hoop type game (don't tell him I told you!!!)

Another family is in crisis and our 'number' is up again (already!) I think we would have helped this family even if K were still here. We'll have a 15 month old for a couple of days this week. It's another sad story . . . people can be so prejudice against others that aren't like 'us'. I just want to break into song . . . 'can't we all just get along'?????!!!! Please pray for this single mom who's in a tough situation. She needs wisdom and some good legal advice.

We're also busy starting to plan a belated graduation party for Gretchen. We (I) decided last minute to graduate her early last year and promised we could give her a real party this year. Mark your calendars: Sunday, May 23 at LeTourneau Christian camp. It's going to be a BIG party . . . Gretchen invited EVERYONE on Facebook. (Hopefully we get a better RSVP this time than at her birthday party!!!)

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  1. (((Cheryl))) We'll keep on praying for you AND K! So glad peace has returned to your home! Have fun with Wii! I know our kids still enjoy it a lot!