Saturday, October 16, 2010

'Hi' from Sumana

Sumana is unhappy about me posting 'not so often'. So, here's some Sumana talk:

Hi, Miss Kristen, Matt and Megan, and I have no clue who else!!! I've been playing with my baby doll and watching TV. Mom made me do the Wii today. I did balance games, aerobics, yoga, pretty much everything on the balance board. She also makes me do my exercises every day except Sunday.

AWANA is fun and teaches you about the Truth. AWANA stands for: Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed. It is from II Timothy 2:15. Falling Leaves night is coming up this Monday. I'm going to do a leaf rubbing and maybe press some in wax paper.

Miss Becca is working me hard (note from Mom: though we haven't been to PT in almost 3 weeks!). I work on balance, strength and treadmill.

Sunday School with Miss Jean is fun. We do crafts and learn Bible stories and have snacks.

And . . . that's all!!


  1. Hi Sumama! Sounds like you a quite the busy girl:) Keep working hard!!!!
    Matt and Megan<3

  2. Sumana will be blogging on her own in no time! ;) Glad to hear that you are doing well, Sumana! Keep on smiling and working hard!

  3. Hi SUMANA!!! When's the next surgery!?