Friday, October 29, 2010

Home again!

Well, I'll make this short. We're pooped! Sumana had a rough night last night, pain wise. However, she woke up feeling better and ate a good breakfast. We got the ok from Dr. Silberstein to go home. Because it was going to be a big 'party day', though, we got permission to stay a few extra hours so Sumana could participate.

In the morning, she went 'shopping' for a costume. The Spirit Halloween store had donated a TON of costumes. She ended up with a Fairy princess . . . very pink! I even bought a wrap from the cancer patient store to help cover her off-center reverse mohawk. (She's super self-conscious about her 'stitches' . . . I don't think she's realize some of her hair was shaved. Though, the surgeon did a nice job preserving some hair to 'flop' over).

While I was looking for a camera and a hat of sorts for her, a volunteer (whose family is from Chennai!) wheeled Sumana around the fourth floor and then started a game of Monopoly with her. (That's the first picture). The next picture is some of the PICU nurses. They had so much fun dressing up. Our favorites were the dreadlocks and 'Pebbles'.

I thought the trick or treating was on the children's wing of the 4th floor . . . it's REALLY long. Kids started at the PICU end and worked their way to the end. The hallway was lined with nurses. staff and students (most in costume, too)all handing out candy, silly bands, pencils, stickers, etc. etc. But at the end of the hall we didn't turn around and go back . . . no . . . another hall as long as the last one was lined with MORE faculty and students handing out MORE stuff! She got 2 HUGE bags crammed with stuff.

I must admit, before we were half through the 'parade', I started to tear up. There were sooo many kids. All dressed up: Jessie from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Batman, Big Bird, princesses, fairies. Some of the kids walked independently, some in wagons or wheelchairs, some with IV poles, some obviously with cancer. And, all the staff and students were so eager to give things to the kids. I overheard some of them comment about all the 'thank yous' from the kids. It was a regular mutual admiration society. It is probably one of the most moving sites that I have witnessed in a long time. Everyone wanted to make Halloween special for kids that were probably going to miss the festivities at home. What a production and what a ton of love!

Anyway, Sumana is exhausted tonight, but glad to be home. Greig is back in New Jersey, but he'll be home for good Sunday afternoon. Sumana is cleared for surgery November 15, so please pray we can keep her healthy. Thank you!


  1. We're praying for you Sumana! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Awwwwwww! That sounds like a special day despite having to go through surgery to experience it! Glad she's feeling better already and I hope the rest of the recovery goes smoothly! I think Sumana is absolutely beautiful in pink! :)