Monday, October 25, 2010

Lots of appointments tomorrow!

UGH! I'm already dreading tomorrow! Sumana already had 2 appointments scheduled: nerve testing with Umit and then a pre-op appointment with Dr. Sanders. However, just in the last 2 weeks we've noticed Sumana has developed a 'lazy eye'. She JUST had her eyes tested in August, but the sudden, noticeable change made me call her eye doctor. He is concerned and wanted to see her right away. So, we are his first appointment tomorrow. (That means we're leaving . . . with Gavin . . . no later than 7 am!!)

I haven't posted about Greig in a while. The life insurance sales job proved to be way too much . . too many hours, too little pay . . . too many 'rough' characters, etc., etc. Thankfully, just when we started looking, Olan Mills was hiring in our area. So, Greig is back with them again!! Yea!! He was in Philadelphia last week, Princeton, NJ this week and hopefully back in NY next week after training.

Andrew had an appointment last week with a knee specialist. The sort of good news is that he doesn't need surgery right away. The bad news is that he has WAY too much flexibilty in his knee joint. That means that the doctor needs to do a type of knee reconstruction . . . he'll actually graft in a 'new' ligament to try to hold his knee in place. However, since the area that needs to be worked on is right around his growth plate, the doctor wants to wait until the growth plate closes. He'll check it in 6 month intervals. He expects to do the surgery in a year or so.

Oh, yeh. So, because Greig will be traveling a lot and work most nights, I decided to quit my beloved library job. It just seems impossible to be able to keep up with everything AND work. I'm really sad about it, but I know it's another one of those 'seasons' that I need to be more flexible. Hopefully, life will be less hectic.

I'll try to update in the next day or two to let you know about Sumana's appointments.


  1. Just a thought Cheryl...have you looked into Horner's sydrome as a cause for the droppy eye? Brady has this syndrome and presents with other symptoms, but droopy eye is one of the big ones. Perhaps as a result of her surgeries and damage to the sympathetic nervous system?

  2. Oh my, Cheryl! Sounds like you guys are going through the wringer! :( I hope things quiet down soon! (((Cheryl))) I keep thinking I need to call, guess now I know why!