Saturday, October 30, 2010

OK . . . so there are 34

Wow, I used to be such an exaggerator. Huh . . . . I got to counting Sumana's stitches today . . . 34 total in the 3 sites. So, more than I thought . . . but I'm still impressed with how much hair Dr. Silberstein was able to save. He's a surgeon who knows about girls and their hair!!

Sumana still has had quite a bit of pain today, but the alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol has worked pretty well. She is VERY weak, so I had her doing some of her leg exercises and 15 minutes of Wii balance today. I guess that's my biggest concern now for her upcoming surgery. We need to help her get her strength back so she can 'go under' yet again. I actually may agree to spend a night in the hospital this time . . . though I'm still trying to catch up MY sleep from our latest adventure.

Sumana will get to stay home with Daddy on Monday and then she gets her re-eval at PT on Tuesday so she can resume her work with Miss Becca on Thursday. She wants to at least go to Sunday School tomorrow, so I guess we'll try. I'm pretty nervous about germs, but I guess we'll go with the flow. If I see or hear anything suspiciously germy, we'll be out of there. (However, Sumana did agree to wearing a face mask if she has to. I already feel bad about her having to cover her shaved head, though . . . I don't want to turn her into more of a spectacle with a mask).

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  1. my paryers are w/ you as always. I love you all.