Monday, November 16, 2009

No computer . . . AGAIN!

I've got to say it again . . . 'Computers. You either love 'em or hate 'em.' Right now I 'hate 'em'. We've had more issues. So, that's why you haven't heard from us. However, thankfully, everyone seems to be healthier, so that's good news.

Saturday, Andrew, Sumana and I went to Jeffrey's band concert. His band, 'A Decent Tuesday,' played in Naples. I was so proud! The band writes their own songs and I must say, their music is really developing as time goes by. It was loud, of course, but the band had lots of energy. I was afraid the noise would really bother Sumana, but she really liked it!!

Sunday, Sumana sang in church with her kids choir. They did such a good job! It was a song that had lots of hand motions. Sumana really kept up with the motions AND kept her balance!! (falling over would have been a bummer!!)

This week appears to be quieter. We're busy planning Sumana's 11th birthday party, though. She has tons of ideas, but we're probably scaling WAY down! The easy part is chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and M&Ms! Yum!!! I'm glad she shares my taste for chocolate!!


  1. Thanks for the reminder. As soon as I read the title, I kicked one kid off the computer after I found out she has homework still to do!!

    Glad that your household seems healthier!

  2. Very glad to hear that you seem to have escaped the flu!!!!!! :) Sorry your 'puter didn't! Wish I could have seen the kids sing in church - that's ALWAYS awesome!!!! :) Mmmmm, chocolate! Now you've got me thinking I need some!