Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, well . . .

Andrew DOES (or DID) have H1N1. The rapid culture came back negative on Saturday, but the longer culture came back today POSITIVE! UGH!!! If we had known Saturday, Gretchen and Jeffrey could have gotten Tami-flu, but since they've had symptoms since Friday/Saturday, it's too late to treat. Gretchen is still hanging in there pretty well. Jeffrey is, too, though his mom doesn't like the way his eyes look!

I am sooooo tired of wiping and spraying and cleaning, but I continued again today. Also, I've lost my main dish washer and laundry helper, so I've added those chores to my 'routine'(do you hear the violins????). Woe is me . . . carer of the sickos!

Sorry for the whining! Last night I really did not feel very well and this afternoon I'm still not convinced how I'm doing. I really hope I can ward off the sickness; I have my new work schedule and am supposed to work Thursday and Friday. Wipe and clean and spray some more!!! Drink some water and then drink some more! Hey, a friend recommended elderberry juice to shorten the duration of the flu . . . I may have to give that a try!

In the midst of our drama, Sumana continues to do well. She's once again getting stronger and stronger. Her PT, Miss Kristen, and I could really see HUGE improvement in her strength yesterday. Kristen mentioned that the VEPTR placement allows her to use muscles she never was able to use before. How cool is that??? By straightening her back, she will have increased lung capacity and increased muscle control across her back. I still am amazed to see the benefits of the surgery already and look expectantly to the future. God really is good, isn't He??

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  1. Awwww!!! ((((Cheryl)))) Go ahead and play the violins! I'm so sorry that everyone seems to be coming down with it! At least if you or Sumana do start showing symptoms, you'll be all set to grab the Tamiflu! We just thought it was a cold until it was too late so it didn't help us either. I'm so glad you're already seeing the benefits of the surgery! That's awesome news! Keep up the hard work, Sumana!