Thursday, November 26, 2009

Birthday Happenings!

Sumana had quite a fun weekend. We visited our little friend Crystal on Saturday and then went to Papa and Nana's. Sunday, Miss Jean had cupcakes for Sumana at Sunday School. Our neighbor, Mr. McCann made the trip up from Florida for hunting season, so he was on hand for her birthday dinner. As promised: chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy! And then, of course, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and M&Ms!

Monday, cousins Ruby, Lily and Daisy came over for a doll tea party. This was probably the highlight of her celebration. She absolutely LOVES her cousins! The girly giggles were just tooooo funny! (What a switch from a couple weeks ago when Jeffrey had his GUY friends over for his birthday!)

Check out some of the fun pictures! Look at the humongous cupcake Sumana's PT, Miss Kristen made for her! Yummy!


  1. That cupcake is huge and looks yummy! happy birthday Sumana!!! May God continue to bless you!!!

  2. I can just hear all the giggles! It looks like they all had a great time!