Monday, November 9, 2009

Now a 'Beginning of the Week Update'

I'm sooooo thankful for the last two warm days. I opened ALL the windows, sprayed disinfectant ALL over the house and cleaned like crazy, wiping door knobs and handles with Clorox wipes. I think I made a dent in the germs. At least I feel good about what got done. Andrew is slowly recovering; I still don't like the sound of his cough . . . maybe we'll re-visit the doctor tomorrow if he's not MUCH better. Meanwhile, Gretchen came home sick from work on Saturday with a nasty cough. She's muddled through the last couple of days and actually went to college today. She doesn't seem any worse tonight, so maybe she'll 'muddle' her way right through the illness.

Good news. Andrew does NOT have H1N1. So, even though he's been one sick puppy, he isn't spreading H1N1 to the rest of us. There's one less worry, huh?

Oh, yeah. Sumana. This is HER blog . . . She's been doing pretty well throughout this sickness phase of our family. She actually is seeming stronger. I wrote a couple weeks ago about how I was concerned about her tiring easily and seeming weak. Last Thursday she walked longer and faster on the treadmill than she ever has. In addition, it was a better quality walk. Since then, she's continued her exercises and tries walking around the house with NO crutches. It's so cute to see her determination kick in when she tries something like that. I still think that aspect of her personality is going to take her far. We all get to sit back and watch the story unfold! You go, girl!


  1. That's great! We a sick son now.

  2. Oh yeah, one less worry! LOL! He doesn't have H1N1, but he does have something that made him really sick and he's coughing something fierce. Ah well! I'll keep praying that the rest of you don't get "it"! Determination - yeah, that describes Sumana! Keep up the hard work, Sumana! You're doing great!