Friday, November 20, 2009

Two days and counting!

Sumana is sooo excited about turning 11. She is having one of her favorite dinners on Sunday (chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy) and then opening presents. She's having her cousins over Monday afternoon for a doll tea party, then AWANA. It should be fun, but I'm tired already!!! LOL!

We FINALLY heard back about a possible surgery date in February. Unfortunately, I was at work and missed the call. UGH!! However, it looks like Dr. Sander's schedule is pretty wide open in February, so we can basically choose the date we want. This is for Sumana's first VEPTR expansion . . . her first 'cranking up'! I'll try to finalize things with the secretary on Monday. She has all of her annual check ups with her specialists in February, so it'll be helpful to have the surgery date set.

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