Wednesday, December 2, 2009

College Students!

I have not had much luck getting on MY computer lately. Gretchen has been busy trying to get her college work done (and of course, her obsession . . . Facebook). So, today she's at school and I'll try to get a quick post in to catch you up on Sumana.

First of all, we have her first expansion scheduled for February 8! We were able to get all of her annual appointments and check ups scheduled, too, so we only are making ONE trip to Rochester the week before her surgery. Then, it should just be one night in the hospital and home again, home again diggity-dog!

Sumana is continuing to get stronger and stronger. She got word yesterday that she will probably be able to be discharged from Occupational Therapy soon. Yea! She has met all of her post-op goals and has regained (and gained!) new strength in her upper body. Now we'll be back to concentrating on her lower half! She still hopes to walk for Dr. Sanders WITHOUT crutches at her February appointment.

We start our Christmas celebrations this week! Sunday we enjoy 'Christmas' with my Dad's side of the family. It will involve lots of children so Sumana will be in her glory! It actually will be nice to start early with the celebrations . . . we have them spread out all month!

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  1. Wow!! That's amazing progress!!! Great work, Sumana!