Sunday, December 20, 2009

Health updates and Traveling Dinners

As a quick update, my dad had a good doctor's report last week. He is continuing to make progress as he re-coups from the endocarditis. He is down to one IV a day for the next two weeks. Dad has another echocardiogram on Tuesday and sees his cardiologist. My Grandma Dorman had a stress test last week and passed it with flying colors. So, I guess there will be further tests concerning her esophagus down the road. She continues to improve after her fall over a month ago.

Today was our annual Dorman traveling dinner. It was a day full of eating, eating and more eating. My cousins from Texas were up with their 4 kids AND my cousins from Rochester brought their two girls down for the festivities. We started with appetizers at Uncle Charley and Aunt Melanie's house. Then, soup at my mom and dad's. Since there were so many of us, the next course (dinner) was at the Middlesex Baptist Church. Finally, we had dessert at Grandma Dorman's house. It was wayyyyy yummy and sooooo fun to see all the kids playing together.

Between soup and dinner, Sumana, Gretchen and I went to my niece, Daisy's pre-school Christmas program. As we walked in, a little voice nearly screamed, "Sumana!!!". It was our little friend, Crystal. She is in Daisy's class. Check out the pictures . . . how cute! Daisy just stood with a quiet, pleasant look on her face, while Crystal's motions were bigger than life and she just oozed all over the stage. What a contrast in personalities, huh???


  1. So glad to hear that your dad and Grandma are doing so well! We'll keep praying! I would not have recognized Crystal! What a cutie!!!! Oh, and Sergei has ALWAYS been jealous of your traveling dinner! That sounds like heaven to him!

  2. *sigh*
    that was truly fun. . . .I miss it...