Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please pray for Grandma Dorman

I just checked my e-mail this morning and got word that my mom's mom was admitted to the hospital last night. I guess she was having crushing chest pains. Her primary doctor was worried about a possible heart attack, but the cardiologist (the same one that is seeing my dad), thinks it may be 'just' heartburn. At any rate, she has a stress test today and I guess they'll go from there.

I haven't mentioned in the blog, but about a month ago Grandma (86 years old) lost her balance in her garage and fell, hitting the back of her head. She got a pretty 'good' concussion out of the deal. Grandma hasn't been feeling very well since then, though she has been improving. She's always been healthy and active, so this setback has been trying for her. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to diagnose what's going on and for her strength to come back. Thanks so much!

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  1. Definitely praying! Odd, we never got a prayer email through the church's list.