Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ring, Ring those bells!

Well, we were inside and no ringing was allowed. Sumana had a little sign that said, "Ring, Ring, Ring" so we were exuding the thought if not the sound! The Wood Library (where I now work), sponsored a day of 'bell-ringing' for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive. My new friend, Barbara Henry, joined us for an hour in the entrance to Tops.
The older kids were planning to go caroling tonight and I was feeling guilty about not wanting to deal with taking Sumana (in and out of cars, up and over uneven lawns, navigating slippery driveways, getting there just in time to sing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and then trekking back to the van to do it all over again!) Well, Sumana was feeling the same way about caroling and she was glad to have her OWN outing where she was relatively warm and could sit down if she needed to.
She was so excited and kept flashing her million dollar smile. We had so many people look at her and just be drawn to put something in the kettle. One woman said, "I already sent a check in to support the Salvation Army, but I can't walk past that smile without giving something more!" Sumana was our 'secret weapon' . . . I bet our hour brought in the most money!!! (We'll never know!! LOL!!)

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  1. She does have a million dollar smile!!! So glad she was able to have a good time and good response!