Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another week has passed???!!

Sorry it's been soooo long again! That certainly does NOT indicate that nothing has been happening in the Holman household! Thankfully, everyone has been healthy . . . but VERY busy!

As an update, my dad is doing better. He actually DOES do the infusions himself (wow!) Today he did grocery shopping with my mom and went for a short walk up their road. Considering all he's been through, I can see forward progress. He sees his primary doctor tomorrow and next week he sees the cardiologist and has another echocardiogram.

Sumana has been busy doing her OT and PT exercises and schoolwork. She is not only getting stronger physically, but is improving by leaps and bounds in her reading, writing and 'rithmatic! She gave a handwritten note to Miss Kristen today and received some pretty high praise for her improved handwriting. (Thanks, Miss Kristen!!!)

Sunday, we all (except Jeffrey), went to Gretchen's Christmas choral concert. It was soooo beautiful! There was a mix of Christmas standards, jazz and her group did a selection of Latin and Spanish classical Christmas music. I don't think I've heard such beautiful choral pieces since Greig and I sang in our college choir!

I keep forgetting my camera . . . even when I put it right next to my purse!! I'm REALLY going to try to get some pictures for you over the next few days. There is lots happening and I'd love to have you share it with us!

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