Monday, December 7, 2009

Williams Christmas

Sunday we had our Williams family Christmas brunch at my sister's house. There were a dozen kids ages 1-19! It was especially fun to see my cousin's 4 kids (2 year old triplets and a 1 year old girl). Oh my goodness . . . were they ever busy and cute as anything! We've been doing Christmas brunch with my dad's family for so long, I can't remember when we DIDN'T do it!! We have a traditional family menu: quiche, ham balls, fruit, French breakfast donuts, and other goodies!

As expected, Sumana was in her glory with all the cousins to play with. She sat next to Brady for brunch and then played Play-dough with the kids, making Christmas cookies of all colors! The picture at the top is of her playing with Eli.
Meanwhile, my dad was stuck in the hospital. He was admitted to receive antibiotics intravenously for endocarditis (basically, a heart infection). He is supposed to come home this afternoon. The bummer is that he has to have DAILY IV injections of antibiotics for 4 WEEKS! YIKES! Poor, mom! (and poor, dad, of course!) He still has his great sense of humor, but I know he can't wait to get out of the hospital. Please pray that the infection will clear and the heart valves will stop leaking so he won't need surgery. Thank you sooooo much!

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