Friday, January 1, 2010

. . . . and a Happy New Year!

Well, time has flown again and I have neglected my blog duties. Apologies to one and all! I guess my main excuse is throwing my back out just before Christmas. I was being impatient with Sumana getting out of the van, so I grabbed her and lifted her out. How many times do I have to do that before I remember that it is NEVER a good idea? Thankfully, Dr. Watson was able to see me at his house Tuesday after Christmas (even though he didn't have any scheduled hours this week!). However, between Wed. Dec. 23 and Tues. Dec. 29th, I was pretty out of it.

Anyway, life continued on with Sumana. She played with her cousin Hannah, from Texas on Monday before AWANA, then also went to the movies with her the next night. Sumana sang and played boomwhackers at MBC's Christmas Eve service. We had our Christmas Eve get together with my family on Wednesday before Christmas. Then, we had Christmas with the Dorman clan at noontime on Christmas. Check out the picture from our house of Sumana giving Jeffrey a hug. Ahhhhhh . . . .

Sumana, Andrew, Greig and I just stayed home for New Year's Eve. We had lots and lots of food (Sumana said, 'Thanks, Mom, for making all this junk food'!!!???). We played games (check out the pic of Sumana playing Star Wars Monopoly) and watched movies. Very quiet, but very fun!

We were so sad to see the Owen family leave. It was so much fun to have them around. I certainly hope we can make our way to Houston some day. It's wonderful to have family who are also friends! By the way, after being healthy since mid-October, Sumana has a case of the sniffles. Usually this means pneumonia within 24 hours, but so far it's been about 48 hours and no serious effects. We've upped the cough assist to twice a day, and if she starts to cough at all (on her own!) we'll start up the albuterol, too. We'll keep you posted. She's on the home stretch for her expansion surgery in February. It would be fantastic if she could stay healthy til then!!

So, after all that, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too!