Monday, January 18, 2010

Doing my civic duty

As promised, I wrote letters to all of my legislators (state and federal). I re-capped our health insurance woes and suggested a fix that would make 'us' lower income people more a part of our health care costs. It still really bothers me that if I DON'T work, we can get FREE health insurance, but if I work too many hours, we'd have to pay $700 a month. UGH!!!! I suggested more of a sliding fee scale for premiums, similar to what the Child Health Plus programs do. However, I suggested higher premiums and added co-pays than used for the CHP program.

Since I first wrote about our issues, I've come across two other families in the same or similar boat. And it's only been a week or two!! Well, I'll let you know if I hear anything back.

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  1. It really does stink! really doesn't make sense!