Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dr. Sanders is off to Haiti!

How cool is this?? Sumana's wonderful orthopedic doctor is going to Haiti this week to help out with whatever surgeries are needed for the children there. His office called last week to reschedule Sumana's appointment for THIS Wednesday. As most of you know, I work really hard to keep all of Sumana's appointments on ONE day, as to limit travel and school disruptions. As you can imagine, my initial reaction was not a happy one!
However, NOW, I don't mind the change at all. In fact, I am sooo very proud of Dr. Sanders. He travels almost every year to Honduras or the Dominican to volunteer and help however he can. This trip, though, will be his first experience in a disaster area. Please pray that he has the strength and courage to deal with whatever he finds there. Please go to 13 Wham to find the written story and video link of the story. The story you're looking for is More Local Doctors leaving for Haiti. Here's my attempt at a link:
Sumana's pre-op appointment is Wednesday. I'm anxious for Dr. Sanders to see how well Sumana is doing and find out what his plans are for this first expansion surgery. Dr. Sanders leaves Wednesday evening for Haiti. I think he's staying about a week. He'll be back just in time to perform Sumana's surgery February 10th. What a busy, committed man! I wish you all could meet him (and his amazing wife, Trisha, for that matter!)

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