Thursday, January 28, 2010

ADT/Nerve testing

Our whole family went to see ADT (A Decent Tuesday) in concert last night. This is the band Jeffrey (Sumana's 19 year old brother) plays guitar with. It was really good. I mean it. Last time we saw them it was really NOT good; so this time was a pleasure! They write all their own songs and seem to love what they do. If you know anything about MySpace (which I DON'T), you can check out their spot . . . A Decent Tuesday. They have been playing at least twice a month since October . . .I guess that's why the improvement shows.

I have a friend whose daughter dealt with many spine surgeries. She wrote a note that seems to explain what I have been unable to explain about Sumana's mystery appointment next week:

"It sounds like Sumana might be having a baseline nerve test. Maybe she has had one already since she had spinal surgery but Samantha had it before each spinal operation. She had to wear shorts and a t-shirt and it took about an hour and a half. They glued round receptors on her head, neck, arms and legs and put electricity through the receptors to test her nerve responses through her nerves in her spine. It was like an electric shock only not painful. It showed if her nerves in her hands,arms, feet and legs responded and it gave them an idea of her nerve response pre-op. Then they hook up the same apparatus during the operation to monitor nerve response as they operate to make sure that nerve response remains the same. I was really afraid that it would be a painful test, but Sam ended up laughing because she thought it was cool to see her feet and hands pulse without her control. The worst part is getting the goop they use to attach the electrodes out of her hair!"

So, how 'bout it? Sumana has NOT had this test before, but it should be an interesting addition to her repertoire!

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