Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gratefulness and Contentment

It's another one of those philosophical days for me. They don't come around that often, but when they do they seem to consume me. So 'lucky' you- my blog friends- get to share in my thoughts of the day.

First of all at PT today, Sumana was walking backwards with Miss Kristen guiding her hips and feet (no other assistance). I told her to 'stand up straight' or 'squash the bugs' (one of those reminder cue-things), and she replied, "I'm TRYING, MOMMMMM!!!"

It dawned on me right then and there how hard she DOES try. When we mentioned the event to 'Miss Wanda' as we were leaving, she shared about how her girls' kindergarten teacher 'buried' the word 'can't' at the beginning of the school year. They were taught not to use that word in their classroom (and they DID learn!). That's what I need to be truly grateful for in Sumana. Right from the time she arrived in our family she has tried and tried and tried. She rarely uses the word 'can't'.

This is where a little of the philosophy-stuff comes in . . . where did she learn that? I know a lot of it came from her experience as an orphan. She demanded attention from her caregivers and sometimes that was achieved by impressing them with some new feat. Here at home, her AWANA commander, Pastor McNabb, doesn't allow 'can't', either. Even though Sumana has limitations, he encourages her to do her best at everything from learning Bible verses to trying new games. Same thing with Miss Kristen at PT. Even the characters in our homeschool reading demonstrate the 'I CAN' kind of attitude. Johnny Tremain in 1774 Boston, burned his hand to the point of being crippled. In spite of the life-altering injury, he learned to chop wood, write with his other hand and ride a horse. Nothing like reinforcement from all quarters for our girl!!

Ultimately, I know that at the root of it all, it's a fairly simple answer . . . it's the way God made her. And, the way God is growing her up in Him. I guess no matter where that attitude came from, I want to remember to thank God for it. It certainly makes my job as Sumana's mom, more rewarding and satisfying.

On the theme of contentment, I heard a short thought on the radio on the way home from PT. It was all about the Bible verse that tells us that God will provide all we NEED . . .not what we want or desire or wish for. I couldn't help but be GRATEFUL again, for the way God truly has provided for our needs.

I have seen a couple of Hyundai Entourage and Nissan Quest mini vans on the road over the last few weeks and I must tell you I've had to fight off feeling sad about not getting a new van in 2009. They're so darn good looking! But, on the other hand, we've paid off a lot of bills the last few months and have never lacked food or other true needs. I have to admit that I felt SOOOOO thankful yesterday afternoon when I got the word that our big, green van passed its state inspection with flying colors. I really do like that van. And, I have to admit I am content with it. Through many different events over the last 6-8 months, God has spared us from a car payment and we still have a reliable vehicle. It's a good lesson that God really does know best.

Well, I've rambled long enough. Thanks for hanging in with me and my philosophical day!

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  1. I LOVE your philosophizing!!! :) It is amazing how God keeps on reminding us of these truths just when we need to hear it! He is ever so patient with us until we do learn! I'm so glad about your van passing inspection!!! :) I have a few of those "can do" attitude kids too and it sure is a blessing! Thanks for all your inspiring thoughts!