Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Rochester trips commence

I can hardly believe that I haven't made a trip to Rochester with Sumana since November 2!! And, that was to get her H1N1 shot! I think it was mid-Oct. before that! What a wonderful break we've had.

Tomorrow we head up to see Dr. Sanders for Sumana's pre-op appointment. Hopefully, we can get her urine and blood tests done as well. She'll have more x-rays, of course, which Dr. Sanders will use to prepare for her VEPTR expansion.

I got a rather odd phone call today from 'Strong' (the hospital). I still am not totally sure who it was who called. All I know is that Dr. Sanders wanted some baseline nerve testing done. Sumana has to show up next Tuesday morning at 8 am: shorts in tow, no hair conditioners or lotions. The tests will take 1 1/2 hours. (This really has my curiosity up. What could possibly take so long??) However, if it's anything like her sleep study apparatus, most of the time will be taken up by just PUTTING the wires and 'sticky things' on. I guess I should make sure to take my camera!

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