Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shhhh . . . it's gone!!!!

I'm sooooo excited to report that for the first time in her life (from what we've witnessed and read in her India medical reports), Sumana had a cold and it went away. I have to give God the huge-est 'THANK YOU". He has been so faithful in Sumana's life in the past and continues to take care of her in ways Greig and I never could.
Isn't it amazing to think it was only 9 months ago that we were making preparations to get her ready for the VEPTR surgery? It was only 4 months ago that she had the actual surgery. I had boldly asked Dr. Sanders in October how soon we could expect to see pulmonary improvement. Since she had just recouped from pneumonia, he was very cautious with his answer. He predicted some gradual improvement over time, but no remarkable improvement for about a year. I consider this latest feat quite a remarkable improvement. Many of you know that within 24-48 hours of beginning cold symptoms, Sumana tends to develop pneumonia. I'm back to my hypersensitivity over her, though. We're so close to surgery (about a month!) that I want to give her every chance to be healthy til then. (Back to the mask . . . poor Sumana!!)

We're also going to go 'full tilt' with her exercises. A friend is giving us a treadmill and we're going to add that to her mix of PT, OT and respiratory exercises. She's not particularly excited, but her mom is! It's ANOTHER thing on my plate (more prodding!), but I really think it'll strengthen her physically and cardiovascularly. Once we get her set up, I'll share pics. Speaking of pictures . . . check out the silly pictures Gretchen took of Sumana and her cousin Lily!


  1. That's AWESOME news!!!!!! Yeah to BOTH of you!!!! :)

  2. Kerri Schwartz likes your blog. (Sorry, stuck on Facebook terminology). Hey--are those pictures Lily or Daisy?